The ability to compete in a world that is constantly changing

Looking Beyond

The Strategic Management, defined as a process on permanent construction and adaptation of the strategic decisions of an organization, results in the most relevant management function.

Therefore, and to ensure the ability to compete globally on a World that is constantly changing, with the Companies focused and with its resources mobilized towards the development of its operational activity, the technical and expert support of a Consultancy company within the areas of Management and Strategy proves to be fundamental for risk mitigation and for the construction of strategies of sustainable growth.

Within this positioning appears HORIZONE, a Management and Strategy Consultancy Company, prepared to meet the challenges of its partners and clients.

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  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

To be acknowledged nationally as a Consulting Company of reference for the internationalization of Portuguese companies.

To support Portuguese companies by reinforcing their competitiveness in the global market and by defining and implementing strategies of success in internationalization processes, ensuring value creation and the sustainability of the organizations.

as an action principle

to partnership

supported by the technical know-how,
experience and networking

A reliable Partner

Strategic Management requires, through its continuous process of development and implementation, a highly analysis ability based on the know-how and mastery of the organization internal and external variables which interfere with its activity, and consequently with its results.

On a world that is constantly changing and with a global increasing competitive environment, the competitiveness ability lays on complementary and value creating partnerships, on the implementation of innovative technical processes based on specialized know-how, together with a financial structure able to boost the companies to new and higher activity levels.

Being an expert on this reality and possessing the necessary competences to contribute for the growth, value creation and sustainability of the organizations, HORIZONE presents itself in the market as a Consultancy Company of Senior Management, acting within the areas of Management and Strategy, specializing in the internationalization of companies.

With a path based on the leadership of projects of international dimension and with an experience of more than 10 years in the area of Strategic Consulting for Large Corporations, HORIZONE team ensures the capable competence, credibility and networking to develop and achieve successful strategies.


Acting in partnership, HORIZONE takes a distinct stance, overcoming the process of simple analysis and formulation of strategy, collaborating actively in the implementation phase, within the management aspects where it possesses know-how, and whenever the support to its clients is determinant.

Viewing each client in a distinct manner as a new and stimulating professional challenge, HORIZONE develops the technical methodology and the constitution of teams according to the specifications of each project, with senior consultants possessing a deep business know-how and a recognized experience in international management, meeting the demands and exceeding the expectations.

To HORIZONE, the success of our clients is our own success on the contribution we propose to achieve for the growing affirmation of Portuguese companies on a global level.

Expertise Areas

Management and Strategy Consultancy
  • Management of Investment Projects
  • Conception of Strategic Development Models
  • Consultancy in Mergers and Acquisitions Processes
  • Consultancy in Restructuring Processes
  • Support in Asset / Partnership Management
  • Diagnosis and Market Researches
  • Conception and Implementation of Partnership Models
  • Definition of Internationalization Strategies
  • Assessment of Incentives / Funding
  • Implementation of projects in target markets

Green Horizone

GREEN HORIZONE is an affiliate company of HORIZONE dedicated to the investment in projects of different activity areas with the aim of achieving sustainable, long term returns.

The investment activity of GREEN HORIZONE is focused on companies with:

    • High growth potential
    • Long term economic potential in restructuring cases
    • Consolidation potential of the sector where they operate
    • Innovative products or solutions
    • Assets or Services with export potential
    • Possibility of business internationalization

Therefore, investment operations may take strategic and capital partnerships for:

  • Seed Capital
  • Expansion investment (Buy-and-build)
  • Restructuring


Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, Torre II Amoreiras 8º Piso / Sala 3
1070-102 Lisboa

+351 213 870 541

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